The "9 classics" Album on Audio-CD

A Very Special Work of Art for Classic Fans

Everything heard on this album was arranged, performed, recorded, edited, orchestrated and developed into the finished product by the same person. Here the one-person-orchestra delivers a first-class symphonic-orchestral sound experience. Although only one person is playing, the result is on par with large orchestras in perfect digital recording quality, but not simply “thrown there”, but with a lot of feeling. A spectacular, unique masterpiece that should not be missing in any CD collection because of its special making.

You will receive the CD in a transparent jewel case with a 12-page booklet with background information about Peter Debik and the story of how the one-person orchestra came about. For yourself to enjoy or as a great musical gift for lovers of classical music. List price: 16.99 € / 16.99 $ incl. VAT where applicable.