The One-Person-Orchestra & the Album

Berlin, summer 1999. A famous Canadian circus is touring. A Canadian friend invites Debik to the performance. On this evening everything changes musically for Debik. The show delivers a symbiosis of shapes, colors, drama and an iconic New Age soundtrack. The same message on all channels – a perfect show for the synesthete Debik. Conclusion: Feelings and images compose their soundtrack all by themselves, you just have to open up the space for them.

In the same year, Debik began to transform inner images into music through his own compositions, but the studies (Communication Science with a focus on Communications Engineering and Signal Processing, and Linguistics at Technische Universität Berlin) and the need to earn money hindered big steps. After this overture he uses the long intermission to look behind the scenes in many places.

Debik is convinced: “It doesn’t matter which big names musicians studied under, how well they play or how real their story is. It just comes down to delivering a great show to the audience.”

He has a very special attitude towards music and sheet music:

“Notes are only the manufacturer’s non-binding serving suggestion of how he thinks his work should be played.”

Of course, that only applies as long as the show is right and the audience feels well entertained.

Debik thus succeeds in freeing himself from the “You do it like this” ideology of his childhood and replaces conventional with disruptive production methods. The dream of inspiring other people with colorful, entertaining stage and music productions is alive again.

As one part of this dream and inspired by a British musician and comedian’s “trio”, which is actually just a duo anymore, he invented “The Peter Debik Movie Orchestra”, which is actually just himself. That’s why the album “9 classics” is special: Everything heard on this album was arranged, performed, recorded, edited, mixed to the orchestral sound and developed into the finished product by the same one person. Nothing was sampled from other productions.