Peter Debik Biography

Peter Rolf Michael Debik was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1970 as the son of opera singers Edith and Hans-Joachim Debik.

After moving to Berlin (West) in 1978, he attended the British-German Charles Dickens Elementary School, then the Erich Hoepner High School (today the Heinz Berggruen High School), which was characterized by music, art and film. A year in the USA in 1987/88 he graduated with a US high school diploma. In 1990 he passed the German Abitur, in 1992 he completed his professional training as a bank clerk and in 2002 he received a master’s degree from the Technical University of Berlin with top grades in communication science and linguistics with a focus on communication technology and signal processing. Gifted and a member of the German chapter of Mensa, he is now the owner of the web hosting provider and software developer Bitpalast.

Although Debik grew up with music “backstage” and attended a music high school he rejected a conventional musical education because of the associated narrow thinking and the focus on reproduction instead of invention. Two years of piano lessons were a declaration of war on a musical freedom fighter and synesthete, who found sight reading to be boring “painting by numbers”.

“Everything that I create must be at least ‘good’.”

Instead, Debik can not only hear individual voices from works and immediately replay them, but because of his synesthesia he can also transform mental cinema into new compositions and decorate them with complex harmonies.

Since the turn of the millennium, Debik has developed his second job from hobby compositions and today produces songs, instrumentals and cues for TV and film under pseudonyms.